Natural and Organic Pest Control

Natural Pest Control

If you have a pest infestation in or around your home, it is vital that you control it. However, many of us are concerned about harming the environment with certain pest control products. Don’t worry. Getting rid of your pest problem does not always mean calling out pest control technicians or spraying chemicals. There is a wealth of natural and/or green pest control methods out there, ranging from larger predators to spraying plants with soapy water! Let’s find out more.

Natural pest control for rodents

While ultrasonic pest control units might not sound natural, you can use them to control a rat or mouse problem without resorting to poison. Ultrasound pest control is also effective for beetles and cockroaches. Units are relatively cheap and harmless to most other pets (excluding rodents!).

Old-fashioned rat and mouse traps and cages are still on the market and can be very effective. You can choose from products that kill or capture the creatures.

Natural pest control products for birds

Birds are another pest that can be dealt with naturally. Depending on the scale of your pest control needs, you can use nets, scarers or even predator birds to deter birds from your property.

Natural pest control for bugs

Aphids can cause real damage to your plants, but the use of soapy water squirted on to the plants can be effective. You can also encourage other natural predators such as lacewings and ladybirds, even buying their eggs by mail order. Nature has its own methods of protection. It is also worth researching the growth of certain herbs and spices and their use in natural pest control.

Organic Pest Control

Spring, summer, and fall are traditionally the times for spending quality time in your yard and garden. Planting, weeding, harvesting, and relaxing are all activities that most yard and garden buffs enjoy greatly. One of the major deterrents to yard and garden enjoyment are pests. Bugs, rodents, and birds can bother you, eat your produce, reduce the beauty of your garden, and even pose health risks. One fabulous option for reducing the effects of pests is organic pest control.

What is Organic Pest Control?

As with anything organic today, organic pest control is becoming more and more popular. There are many procedures, processes, and techniques for controlling pests that are considered organic. One big component of organic pest control is proper maintenance. Get rid of standing water in your yard and garden. These spots are breeding grounds for many types of pests. Keeping weeds under control and lawns cut reduces hiding and breeding spots for pests as well. Plant gardens intelligently by separating the same type of plant, changing the spot particular plants are planted each year, and planting pest deterring plants. In addition to these organic pest control measures, there are products that can be used which do not contain any chemical components.

The immediate health concerns associated with chemical pest control is compounded by the long-term effects. We are much more aware of the causes of the chemical residue on the foods we eat than our parents were. By using organic pest control measures we eliminate or greatly reduce these concerns.